Bank Marketing Strategies That Work

A bank marketing strategy is needed for successful advertising. Many strategies are available which are available for this purpose. Bank marketing strategies will need to include methods that are effective for attracting and educating customers. Some marketing strategies are free to implement and others depend on a bank’s marketing budget.


Banks need to communicate with customers when they are at home or on the go. One way that you can do this is to use an email newsletter. An email newsletter can be sent once every other week to promote new products or offer reminders about existing products to customers. To do this an email list will need to be created on the bank’s website when customers access their account online.

Social Media

Another type of bank marketing strategy is to communicate with customers by using social media. Top social media sites include Twitter and Facebook. Many customers access these social media sites using their mobile phone. Post an update when a new product, service or change is being offered that is important for customer’s to know.

Product Description

Banks can market to customers by providing a leaflet describing products, services and events provided by the bank. These leaflets can be included in a monthly bill or provided in a coupon circular for a local newspaper. The information about a bank’s products and services can also be included in a brochure to offer at branch locations and retail partners that work with a bank.

Direct Mail

Many banks use direct mail to advertise all of their products and services. Banks can also utilize a direct mail campaign to advertise events or offers that are available every month. This will allow a bank to keep all of their customer’s up to date with current events and new product offerings. A bank can utilize direct mail for advertising if their marketing budget allows for the cost of postage.

Ads in Newspapers

A bank can use a local newspaper to advertise to new and existing clients. If budget constraints may be an issue, you can advertise only on Sunday. This allows a bank to reach the largest number of people if create a unique type of ad. Include any special offers for new customer’s to attract new business to your bank.


If you are bank marketing strategies on a budget, you need to determine which strategy will provide the results that are expected.