Real Estate Marketing – Using Direct Mail

Everyone does their marketing on the Internet these days, don’t they? Doesn’t everyone communicate by e-mail?

Many do, because it does away with the cost of postage. But that doesn’t mean that sticking exclusively to e-mail is the best way to promote your business. People are busy these days and a non-urgent email is apt to get “lost in the stream” as more mail piles on after it.

Direct mail does have its place, and if you can make your mailing something that catches the eye, the folks on your list will at least look at it and give it a chance to catch their interest. And, if you consistently send “something good” those people will look forward to seeing what you have to say each time you mail.

If you can afford it, I think you should at least mail a postcard each month. Make it funny or pretty or use a short poem. Make it something people don’t want to throw away! I’ve gotten calls from postcards sent a year earlier – because the person thought the card was pretty and stuck it on the refrigerator.

Better yet, write and send a personal newsletter each month. The people in your sphere of influence or in your farm area are interested in what’s going on with the local real estate market – so tell them! Then round out the newsletter with buyer or seller tips, advice on decorating or landscaping or home maintenance, interesting quotes, tidbits about you and your life outside of real estate, or even some poetry.

Just make sure that whatever you send is interesting and/or useful.

Many agents shy away from ever saying anything personal, and I believe that’s a mistake. People want a reason to connect with you and to feel that you are somehow “like” them – give them that opportunity by sharing some of your life.

You don’t have to say much. It could be as simple as “I’ve been enjoying this glorious fall weather by taking the dogs for a run when I get home each day.” That tells a whole lot about you without getting too personal: You like the outdoors, you like exercise, and you’re a “dog person.”

How about mentioning an outing with kids or grand-kids, or bragging because you won a trophy at the horse show? Maybe you could talk a little about volunteer work you’re doing and invite your readers to join in.

If your budget won’t allow you to mail monthly, mail one or the other quarterly. Or mail the newsletter quarterly and the postcards on the “off” months.

The idea is to stay firmly in your potential customer’s minds. Time flies so fast that when they hear from you 30 days later they’ll feel like you just wrote a couple of days ago.

You want to create “Top of mind awareness,” so that any time someone mention real estate, those people automatically think of you.