Regeneca – Direct Response Network Marketing Business Opportunity Review

Regeneca International Inc. is a company in the health and wellness industry that is using a little different approach to market their products and the business opportunity. Through an innovative marketing strategy using direct response marketing the company is putting the customer into direct contact with its independent business owners. So, what does all this mean for you as a Regeneca business owner and how does this opportunity allow you to create an income from the comforts of your home?Regeneca is really not a new company but a company that has a new way of helping the independent business owner generate leads through the companies infomercials. The companies products are health and wellness products consisting of health, skincare, bath and body and fitness. Their products are all aimed at overall health and battling aging through the use of their natural and organic compounded products.Regeneca has for some time used TV infomercials to promote its products and now has combined that with network marketing to create direct response network marketing. Regeneca will produce and air infomercials for their products and then consumers who call in will be directed to your independent business and you will then start to build your own network of customers. It is like owning your own infomercial business without the costs of producing and airing them. The cost of starting this is $299 with a $9.95 monthly fee for your back office.The compensation plan works on a 3X9 matrix structure with fast start bonuses, team sales bonuses, leadership bonuses and is very typical of a network marketing company. There are 8 different ways to be paid through this structure and as with any network marketing opportunity it is smart to research the plan and all that it has to offer before joining. To achieve higher rank and bonuses you will have to literally recruit 100′s of others into your business structure and your success will depend on your marketing skills and techniques.Regeneca is a legitimate business opportunity to earn a significant income and through their direct response network marketing campaign you will have help in generating leads of those interested in these health and wellness products. But, keep in mind that in the network marketing industry there is a 97% attrition rate due to the lack of training, sponsoring and understanding of how to market the opportunity through harnessing the power of the internet. Due your due diligence and seek out the training needed to learn how to manage and market to your prospects the products and opportunity so you will not be disappointed after investing your hard earned dollars into a network marketing opportunity.