How to Integrate Financial Market Data With Reference Data

Financial market data is determined and reported with reference to the underlying principles and current regulatory demands of the banking, financial, and trading industries. Business facts and events are collected, classified, and reported in accordance with accounting principles and usually in accounting terms. Businesses and government agencies summarize and report in an understandable fashion a huge number of transactions. Businesses compute and report the profit earned by a business firm during a year or other period. Accounting also records and classifies a company’s assets and liabilities and the interest of the owners or stockholders.

Financial market data is gathered by regulated bookkeeping methods and then this data is summarized into recorded transactions that help determine the financial health of a business and eventually the trading value of its stock, for example. Financial data for a business or even an agency helps to create which regulatory laws are needed to make sure that the business transactions are true and that the business interactions with the public are fair. Bookkeeping and reporting transactions operate under the general principles of accounting. Compliance with current rules and regulations should be seen in the financial and market data available to regulators and to the public.

Governments like businesses use bookkeeping to help them obtain information about their actions and financial condition. Government regulators do for government what auditors or industrial accountants do for business. The auditor helps to determine the current compliance of financial data for industry businesses. Compliance and regulation officers examine and review information to determine whether it is reasonably accurate and presented in an understandable fashion. Also auditors review financial data by investigating and analyzing the underlying business events and conditions. They express their opinion as to whether a financial statement presents fairly the information it is supposed to contain.

Certain cost data for a company may be reviewed to determine if the company is making a true profit. The data necessary for reporting by regulation helps to determine if the cost of goods manufactured and sold is presented correctly. Costs are classified as direct materials, direct labor, and overhead. Direct materials are the raw materials that finally appear in the finished product. Direct labor is the cost of paying employees who work directly with the product. Overhead or burden includes all other costs such as power, heat, and light. Cost accountants must know how to collect information about these costs and spread them among each product that a company manufactures. A company can determine whether it is making a profit and therefore report to the public correct financial market data.

A How to Course on Marketing With Twitter

Day One

First here is a list of terms you will need to understand.

Tweet = a message posted on twitter.
Follower = someone who will see your tweet.
Following = someone whose tweet you will see.
ReTweet = when you resend somebody else’s post to your followers.

Twitter has exploded on the net and if used correctly can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

It all starts with your picture. A Photo of your face works great as long as it’s clear and well done. You want a quality picture that when enlarged looks good. A picture of your logo works too if you have one. Use your brand name whether it’s your name or your company name. This is how people will begin to recognize you.

You will want a customized background so when people go to your page to check you out it makes a good impression on them. You can do this yourself or outsource it. Just do a Google search for “how to customize a twitter background”, or something like that.

Next step is to create your bio. Be classy. Represent your self the way you want to be perceived but be honest. Put in your interests both personal and professional. Also add the name of the school you attended and any organizations you’re a part of.

This will create interest in people who have a similar background. If you’re a Marine, put that in your bio. Also add the industry of the company you are marketing i.e. Direct Sales or Network Marketing.

There is a twitter app you will want to use. It’s called Tweet Later. You can get it free at This is an auto responder that will direct message people who follow you. Use it to send a greeting to your new followers.

Make your greeting something friendly and positive. Don’t add a link to your site in your greeting as that leaves a poor first impression. People will be more attracted to you if you are a real person and not just a marketer trying to get in their wallet.

Now you’re ready to start following people. In order to get targeted followers it is important to choose whom you follow wisely. Pick three people in your industry that are well known. For instance in the MLM and network marketing industry Mike Dillard is very well known.

What you want to do is follow the first five pages of people who are following them. Go to the twitter homepage of the person you chose and click on followers. This will bring up a list of their followers. Just go down the list and follow everyone. When you get to the bottom of the page click next.

Do only three people and five pages from each of them. The reason you don’t want to do more than that is if twitter thinks you are being too aggressive in following people they will shut down your account. Follow the three people and five pages rule and you will be fine.

That is the end of tasks for day one. You will find that some of the people you followed will follow you back. Some won’t. Also some people you didn’t follow will follow you. At this point you will need to start doing daily maintenance on your account.

Day Two

Twitter is about building relationships through conversation. When you make a tweet only people following you will see your tweet. You will only see the tweets of people you are following. Therefore you want to be both followed by and following everyone on your list.

Here’s how you make that happen. Start by clicking on the “following” link on your twitter home page. This will bring up the list of people you follow. You are going to un-follow everyone who did not follow you back. If someone is following you there will be an option to direct message that person under his or her name. Click the remove button on the right side of the screen for any one you can not direct message. Go through the entire list.

When you have gone through the entire list go back to your twitter homepage and click on the “followers” link. This will bring up a list of people following you. Go through and follow everybody you are not already following. There will be a follow button for people you haven’t followed yet, or a check mark for people you are following. Go through the entire list.

After you have finished this your “following” and “follower” numbers should be pretty close. Don’t worry if they are not exactly the same.

There are a couple of reasons why you want to do this. First is because you want to have a two-way conversation with people not a one-way conversation. Second is because of a thing called the 2001 barrier.

The 2001 barrier is a twitter rule. Your following to follower numbers needs to be within 10% of each other or you can’t follow more than 2001 people.

If you are following 2001 people and you are not being followed by at least 1800 people you will not be allowed to follow any others. So un-follow anyone who isn’t following you.

Once you have finished with this start looking at the tweets of people you are following. When you see something interesting to you go check out the bio of that person. If they mention your industry or if they have some of the same interests as you in their bio they may be a good prospect.

Just like on day one you will pick three people this way and follow five pages of their followers.

Repeat this process daily.

Now that you have started building your following you will want to start building relationships. Read the tweets and respond to any that you find interesting. Also direct message people if you like something about what they are saying and tell them. People love to be complemented and included.

Retweet any posts you find interesting or valuable. People love the recognition and will reciprocate by Re-Tweeting your posts.

Here are some guidelines for your tweets. Be personal. Talk about what you are doing. Tweet things you find funny. Post inspirational or motivational quotes. Don’t spam! Nobody likes it. Refrain from posting your marketing links until you have started to develop some relationships.

You will generate more interest in what you have to offer if people perceive you as real and someone they can trust. Build relationships before you start hitting them with your opportunity. A good guideline is to post 80% personal/ valuable content and 20% marketing.

Another good trick is to send people to your blog, and to connect with them on Facebook. This will give them an opportunity to get to know you better. People join people not companies.

If done correctly twitter can bring a steady stream of high quality leads into your sales funnel.

Seacret Direct Product Review – Dead Sea Secrets?

When you begin to think about any multilevel marketing organization, it is important to take into account several different things, with products as a possible essential consideration. The first question you should think about is: do they work? This might appear to be an easy one, however making certain your product or service is in fact doing what it is proposed to do is a good starting point. The second consideration is: do they fit for me personally? If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, your prospective customers will be able to identify this when you are talking to them about your opportunity. Of final consideration are the tools and presentation supplies that your business has available for you to get the relevant information in front of your potential customers. You don’t just want to bombard them with information, so having these tools will be helpful, not just to enable them to better fully grasp what you are offering, but additionally so that you project to them an image of ease as it relates to building the business.

Seacret Direct Product Overview

Seacret Direct offers a wide range of products that are mostly related to skin and personal care with the overall theme being their ingredients taken from the Dead Sea. I can’t really speak to the efficacy of using the Dead Sea ingredients, but it does at least sound like an interesting idea. I will come back to this later in the article, but even with considering the uncertainty about the Dead Sea claim, this company started off as a general retail company that has done over $500 million in sales, indicating that the product is popular and people are interested in buying. This is a good foundation for a network marketing product and with that foundation in mind, let’s look a little but more in-depth.

What About the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is an inland salt water lake (at least it looks that way on the map) that is located on the border of Israel and Jordan in the Middle East that contains roughly 45,000 million tons of salt that are rich in minerals a process that occurs from a mix of evaporation and solar radiation, yielding 26 essential minerals that are reported to not exist anywhere else in the world. With this in mind, these minerals are thought to provide unique qualities that can nourish the skin by correcting the function of the skin layers. As minerals make up only a small amount of your body weight, they don’t get too much attention for their health benefits, but they are critical for essential body processes; however this fact doesn’t mean they have to be “Dead Sea” minerals in order to accomplish this. Having said that, there may be some additional benefit due to the wide variety of minerals and natural composition in the Seacret Direct products.

The main products offered in this company are facial and skin care products, with a wide range from night-time cream, to body, foot and face lotion, along with many others. There is also a Re-Cover Masque product that is reported to give a little extra boost for your facial skin care. As you might guess, you have to consider how interested people would be to switch their skin care products, as people tend to get very attached to personal care products. The other thing to consider, with a product like this in a network marketing company, is the fact that most of these products seem to be more geared towards women, which may alter your recruiting strategies. It doesn’t mean you can’t build a business (as evidenced by the success of Mary Kay), but it is something to consider and this company seems to have recognized that by coming out with a line of skin care products specifically for men. Although you still need to consider that despite the existence of products for men, it is unlikely that men would be as interested as women. Just a couple of things to keep in mind, but outside of these criticisms, the product does seem to be quite popular which is always a good foundation for network marketing success.

Again, carry out your own personal due diligence after which return to those three quick questions near the top of this article, all the while keeping in mind your network as well as your business partners (ie, your up-line) are most likely going to be the most significant facets of your network marketing business to consider, so try not to get too caught up in the products. This doesn’t mean that specific aspects of the company aren’t important and doing a thorough Seacret Direct Review can assist this process.