Smart Phones – Making Them Work for Your Business With Inexpensive Marketing

So here we are in the age of technology with so much going on it’s sometimes too much to think about. With the integration of smart phones into our world we simply cannot ignore their benefits when it comes to marketing our businesses!

Now don’t start freaking out here, you don’t need to know much about technology such as building applications and such to maximise the marketing effects these gadgets can have on your business. It’s just simple yet effective promotion of your business that is proven to effectively generate hot sales leads for your business as well as boost your other marketing efforts.

Most businesses these days have a website; if you don’t then you need to get one ASAP! Websites are a great interactive and informative tool for customers who are looking for your products and services and they are like a shopfront for your business. Many businesses spend huge money in driving traffic to their websites to generate more sales and increase their online presence. Many businesses simply have not considered how smart phones can be a great source of traffic to their website but this is something we simply cannot overlook with so many people owning and using smart phones on the go daily.

We all want to get our company information out there, that’s why we list our businesses with yellow pages, online directories and much more. Imagine getting all of your company details sent through to thousands of people within your region or country daily with all of your business details right there at your fingertips! Again, smart phones can achieve this for your business.

How can smart phones do all of this for you? Well its simple, through the power of SMS marketing we can now send through a marketing promotion directly to someone’s mobile phone. Now of course they wont all be smart phones but for the majority that are, we have more than just SMS marketing taking place here.

You can actively plan your SMS marketing campaign to cover more than one area of your marketing. Which in effect can either save you money on other forms of marketing, or simply bring you more business and marketing at an extremely low cost.

Using smart phones for building more traffic for your business website

With the technology of smart phones you can now send an SMS message promoting your business, products and/or services and also include in that SMS message your website which will promote more traffic to your website, with the simple click of the link on the SMS message you will have more traffic coming through quickly to your website every time you utilize SMS marketing.

Smart phones sharing your business email

These days many people prefer contact via email, its free, easy and accessible. You can include your email address in your SMS messages as well which allows people to contact you directly via email in regards to your products and services.

Smart Phones and your phone number

Including your business phone number in the SMS will allow the smart phone owner to simply click on that number to dial it. With such simple functionality you will find that your incoming calls will increase quite dramatically.

So now that you can see quite simply how easy it is to utilize this technology to effectively market your business you need to simply think of a promotion or product / service you would like to get out there for your business. Something to catch peoples eye and get them clicking on your website directly from their phones, emailing you on the go and calling you with just one click.

This inexpensive way of marketing simply isn’t being used as much as it should be; it seems Australia has fallen behind the times a little with this whole technology thing especially with small businesses. But now you can see that you don’t need to get too technical, it’s simply a matter of understanding how to use technology to your businesses advantage.

You don’t even need to actively put this into place yourself. You can simply enlist the services of a company who specialize in business marketing and can set up an SMS Campaign for your business, with pricing from a maximum of 10c per message which decreases with the amount you order and includes replies of any SMS messages to be sent directly to your requested email address you simply can’t go wrong. You can even get discounts the more you order. But you can start off small with just 1,000 messages just to test the market for your product. You can also select the time period you would like the SMS messages sent over, exact times, dates and number of SMS messages to send. And you don’t even need to lift a finger. You have simply got to love technology these days!

To incorporate SMS marketing into your business really is a simple and inexpensive process. It will certainly make your phones ring hot, your emails fill up with enquiries and potential sales. And your website receives much more traffic and improves its online presence. So get your business that technological edge today without the headache!

Why Niche Marketing Is A Great Way To Build Up Your Business

If you want to get customers and get them now, then you need to know the ins and outs of your target market. The only way to do this is by research. But sometimes research can be overlooked especially if you’re selling in a niche that you already know things about and if you have “affinity” in the marketplace.

But for the sake of this article, we’re going to assume that you know nothing about a niche, and that you’re looking for ways to start making money in your business. Well if you’re stuck on ideas, the first thing that you should do is go into a niche. And this is a lot easier than it sounds.

By going into a niche, you allow yourself to do business in a little-to-no competition free zone. This should make you excited, because everywhere you turn in the market that you’re in now, there’s competition all around you. These competitors are eating away at all your sales and profits, and could care less about you.

It’s time for you to reclaim what’s yours. If you can make more money in your business without spending thousands of dollars to do so, then you stand a good chance of making money very quickly now – and far into the future. Just be sure not to tell anyone the niche that you’re in.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. You can go into a niche. For example, if you’re a professional marketer, instead of offering your marketing talents to all sorts of business owners, consider solely operating in a niche such as dentists. Dentists don’t know about marketing – all they know how to do is fix teeth. So you can come into this niche and take over immediately.

Plus, the beauty of marketing to dentists is that they have money to spend. So you can easily price a marketing solution to them for around $500. This will pad your pockets nicely while the dentists entire income doubles within a short period of time. This is the power of niche marketing.

But before you go out there and start marketing to dentists, you will want to either run an ad, or rent a mailing list. Both have their pros and cons, but the majority of them will buy from you anyway. If you were going to use the advertising option, lead with a strong headline focused on dentists.

For example you could say, “Attention Dentists! Could Your Practice Use A Constant Stream Of New Patients?”… or something like that. Dentists that are interested will respond, and to get more new dentist leads, run the same ad again.

I know I spent a chunk of time talking about dentists, but I hope you can see the lessons in this article and how they relate to marketing in your business. Follow these tips, and you TOO can have success. They have been proven to work for other businesses, and I’m confident that it can work for your too.

Good luck with using these tips to have the most success as possible in your niche.

Get the Hands Involved and Improve Your Marketing

Years ago when I was relatively new in direct mail I had a chance to tour Metromail’s old lettershop in Seward, Nebraska.  It had some of the most amazing inserting and affixing equipment on the planet.  The mechanics at this cavernous mail center had built machines that could affix nearly any small object to paper.  Pennies, stamps, cards; you name it and these folks could stick it on a piece of paper and get it in the mail to you.

But why go to the hassle?  Why increase production costs by making a direct mail piece interactive at all?  The answer was simple — the longer you could keep the mail respondent involved with the direct mail piece, the greater your response rate.

Get the hands involved in your next promotional piece.  How often do you walk into your grocery store on a Saturday and are offered a free sample of cake or sausage or juice?  Does your favorite local coffee shop offer to give you a free taste of the flavor of the day to help you decide what to drink?  Car dealers almost wet their pants in anticipation of getting you in the car so you can take a test drive.

There is no substitute for putting a person’s hands in touch with an object; not only does touching get them involved it opens their minds to the possibilities of how they will use your product.  There is a feedback from the brain to the touch mechanisms in our fingers. We are tool users, and the hands are the manipulators of the tools…the hands are the brain’s number one tool, actually.  It is just so incredibly vital to get the person’s hands involved.

But what about engaging the intellect…overcoming objections with logical sales presentations and expressions of the facts?

Sure, that’s great and necessary.  People don’t buy on either emotions or reason alone.  Go ahead and answer the objection in your promotional marketing …but at the same time get their hands involved and engage their brains on another level.  While their hands explore their imaginations kick in.  They imagine how good that coffee will taste; they imagine how good they will look driving that car around….they imagine what they can do with your product.

Now, how do you do that on the web?  You have to get their hands involved with the keyboard… give them a chance to interact with your product as much as possible.  Allow them to comment on your blog or rate your product or customer service.  The more you can entice people to become involved with your site and hold their interest, the more you will sell them.